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About Yooneeq

About Yooneeq

From day one Yooneeq have continually provided clients with solutions that surpass their expectations, enhance brand perception, generate revenue and provide maximum return on investment.

Yooneeq have become one of the leading suppliers of virtual telecom solutions in the UK. The company have pioneered and challenged telecom as we know it to provide a unique range of products and services ensuring we always provide low cost, affordable solutions with the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide a unique range of products and services through multi-channel commerce solutions to individuals, small business, corporations and other organisations.

Online success does not come out of a box. Unique requirements must be met to ensure success.

Our business model revolves around the following values:

1. Innovation and Alternative Approach

We like to see things differently  from a different perspective. We look for new and innovative products and services.

2. Lasting Relationships

With our customers and working together with suppliers to ensure total customer care and satisfaction.

3. Our People

At yooneeq we believe that in any business the one thing that will make you stand out and away from any competitor will be the people.

Performance measurement is crucial to improving customer service within the company, and through our commitment to best practice hope to show our clients our dedication to quality.

  • Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

    Here at Yooneeq we believe good business relationships should be like a happy marriage based on loyalty, commitment and mutual attraction.

    Our irresistible charm lies in our reputation for quality, innovation and career development.

    Through shared goals and a desire to meet new challenges, we hope to build lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers.

  • Company Background
  • Company Background

    Born in 2003, yooneeq have become one of the leading suppliers of virtual telecom solutions. The company have pioneered and challenged telecoms as we know it to provide a unique range of products and services aimed specifically at small and medium sized businesses to work smarter maximising profits.

    We are constantly growing through innovation and by helping other companies to grow and achieve their goals this in turn allows us to grow with them.

    Yooneeq now offer a range of virtual inbound and outbound telecom solutions including Voice Over Internet (VoIP) allowing companies to run efficient and seamless virtual offices from anywhere in the world.

    Our core business is Telecoms and Web Site development. We help businesses run their business without worrying about the telecoms, or IT helping them focus on what they are best at, and helping them grow.

    Natural progression for us was more services maximising our own technologies. We provide virtual staff (real people) who answer calls on behalf of “your business” in “your” business name 24 hours a day 7days a week. This has proven to be very successful. Doubled up with a virtual London Address, a Virtual London 0207 number and a virtual receptionist you can now be on the beach in Spain and run a “London” Office seamlessly (infact some of our customers do!!).

    This has meant reduced over heads for companies. Staff can be reduced and productivity increased!

    We feel we have become experts in our fields of technology, telecoms and business support and our future plans are to grow our reseller services selling our services as their own with us supporting them behind the scenes.

    Our pride is always in customer care and support.

    Guided by the business philosophy of CEO Ronnie Menassa, yooneeq have been successful in growing year on year and continuing to better position themselves as a brand. We are the back bone to helping many other companies both virtual and physical to establish themselves. A sunflower is not one flower but over 2,000 mini flowers all growing together. This has been the thinking and the success of the company to date.

    Yooneeq have established an extensive network around the globe using key partners in perspective markets. We aim to continue to develop and challenge the latest in technology to maintain a unique range of products and services helping you work smarter, and helping you stand out from your competition – with the high quality you have come to expect from us.

    Although the current climate is tough. The country is going through a recession, our business is growing because our business is based on helping companies work smarter, and more efficiently. When the pennies are tight, companies panic. This only has a positive affect on our business.

  • Management Team
  • Management Team

    Yooneeq was founded by the vision of Ronnie Menassa. Ronnie has been involved with the evolution of the internet since 1995.

    Ronnie MenassaRonnie: “As a start-up myself I found it very hard initially to gain customers. Customers wanted a big established company who were able to offer a poor service for a cheaper price. I focussed my business on customer support and satisfaction. I saw a gap in the SOHO (Small Office – Home Office) sector and small businesses starting up with big ideas, but finding it difficult to make an impact. So Yooneeq (pronounced unique) was born”.

    Yooneeq has grown steadily through tough market conditions. The current financial climate has allowed us to offer our services to companies of all sizes. We constantly look at building services aimed at helping companies be more efficient. We help reduce costs with telephony especially sole-traders, small growing businesses and multi-site companies.

  • Intro Video
  • We are constantly growing through innovation and by helping other companies to grow and achieve their goals this in turn allows us to grow with them.

    Our key skills include: