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Your site is often the first impression a prospective client has of your business. A poorly designed and ineffective website will reflect badly upon your company and ultimately cost your business money.

We develop effective websites for a range of companies and organisations. Whatever your project, we can deliver.

We work closely in conjunction with our clients throughout the design phase. After preliminary meetings the designers come up with three initial ideas. The client responds with feedback and thereafter we further develop the idea and work towards the final design.

No matter the type of website you require. A brochure type site to showcase your company, and services or a fully blown e-commerce system, we have a complete in-house team who make sure your site is a successful addition to your business.

We believe that every client is different and has different set of requirements. Therefore we quote separately for every website in accordance to the client requirement. Unlike many other web designers, first of all we create a design brief and then fix a cost on that brief. That means the price you pay will be agreed before we start work and you get no surprises or budget over runs (our websites are as low as £350 inclusive of hosting and updates).

Once all planning and design has been approved, yooneeq moves into the development phase. At this point we combine all the prepared elements into a working online application.

Our planning and development steps are shown below.

These are;

The Audience analysis - this defines the general categories of people who are likely to visit your site, what their motivations are for visiting your site and what their expectations will be. You should identify the people who will be using the site most and listing assumptions about them. Finally identify any secondary audiences.

The goals of the site, what you are looking to achieve by creating and maintaining the web site. A direct goal might be to inform the public about a particular product available in stores, but an oblique goal of the site might be to increase sales of that product. In the long run, these goals will help determine the success of the site by monitoring how well they have been achieved.

The purpose of the site, you may have several purposes as well as several secondary purposes. For instance, a primary purpose for a site might be to sell a particular product, while secondary purposes might include the ability to receive e-mail from your clients with complaints, comments, and compliments. Identify the important tasks that will be performed so they are given appropriate weight.

Content and Functionality Last, we need to work out exactly what type of content is going into the site and how it will work. The content will need to support the purposes and goals stated above, while being of direct and important use to the sites audience.

Taking all this into consideration we can then advise you how set up your web site to suit your specific need and budget. Teach you to run and maintain the site yourself if needed, and update the key elements on a yearly basis if required.

We are an intimate company who work close with our clients, and can develop a tailor made site over a short period of time working on it together. We would be happy to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

  • Development
  • Development Process

    Great websites don’t just happen; they are well planned and specific to your needs or your market. We utilise the best points from design and technology to produce an effective site that functions superbly.

    We begin the website development process from the outside in – learning about your business, researching your competition, identifying your strengths, analysing your opportunities – all of which help us in working with you to determine objectives for your site. Once we agree on project objectives, we define the functional, technical, and creative requirements.

    The process can be split up into the following steps, and a guideline to a typical web site build with us at Yooneeq.

    Step 1 - Initial contact, and outline brief. Costs, scheduling, and guidelines are drawn up.

    Step 2 - Domain Names. If you have not already registered one; you’ll need one (at least).

    Step 3 - Visuals, concepts and designs. You as the client approve and “sign off” visuals we present at this time.

    Step 4 - Content Approval. All site content decided upon and approved.

    Step 5 - Website Production. Staged and approved by you, within the schedule as planned.

    Step 6 -  Hosting is set up upon completion, and content is transferred to your server space. We supply a variety of hosting services if you do not currently have a provider.

    Step 7 - Website Promotion. Getting your site as much traffic as possible through search engine placements and optimisation.

    Step 8 - Website Management. Keeping your site upo date and as effective as possible.

  • Why Us?
  • These days anyone with a computer and internet connection can build a website. Marketing Agencies, PR Companies, Graphic designers, PC technicians, your friend’s nephew who did a computer course at college… So, why, of the hundreds of options available should you choose Yooneeq?

    1. We’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt…

    Having been in this industry since 1997 we’ve seen many web companies come and go over the years; but you can rest assured that we will still be here 12 years from now. We invest heavily in research and development and during the last 13 years we have designed and developed over 800 websites. We have an ever growing bank of code which has been developed and improved over this time. By re-using code from previous applications we are able to reduce development time and costs – and therefore pass these savings onto our clients.

    Working with so many clients has also provided us with invaluable industry knowledge and an understanding of what works (and what doesn’t). We are stats mad; everything we recommend is based on proven technology to ensure maximum return on investment.

    TIP – When choosing a web company be sure to check they have actually worked on similar projects in the past. You do not want to be an inexperienced company’s ‘guinea pig’ project; this can often lead to disappointing results, unfinished sites and/or incomplete projects. This is particularly the case when choosing an ecommerce provider; do not fall into the trap of using a ‘design agency’ that are heavily design focused on a project that is actually going to be 95% technology. To avoid commissioning a designer to do a developers job, check an agencies portfolio to ensure it has many examples of functional/technical websites; not logos, flyers and print design.

    2. Award winning design…

    All of our creative staff are trained in our unique methodology, we train them to think outside the box and to focus on results and clarity over fancy design with no apparent conversion goals or marketing direction. We have won numerous awards for our website design.

    TIP – When choosing a web company be sure to check their portfolio of recently designed websites. Ignore their portfolio of print design work as this is a completely different arena to design for the web. If you like the style of their previous web work this is a good start; make sure you talk to the designer who will be working on your site design prior to starting the project to ensure the design is not being outsourced (which can have disastrous results).

    3. Tailored solutions to meet YOUR needs…

    All of the sites we build are bespoke and tailored to the client’s needs (we don’t use any ‘off the shelf’ software). This means you get a site built specifically to meet the needs of your target market, giving you higher conversions, better search engine rankings and most importantly a site that actually sells! Using bespoke technology allows us to present your products in the most appropriate and effective way for your business. This is especially important if you have complex products, or product ranges, with multiple attributes or relationships between them.

    A bespoke system can also be more easily integrated with existing IT systems and web services as it is developed from the ground up to meet your specific needs. This kind of system can help set you apart from competitors who might use standard off-the-shelf products, which also tend to follow a very similar look and feel.

    TIP – When choosing a web company be sure to ask whether the solution is bespoke or ‘off the shelf’. You will often find that cheaper solutions will be using free, out of the box software packages and design templates in order to allow them to quickly create a site. But take caution, over 70% of the work we get is rebuilding such solutions as they rarely give any return on investment. It is false economy to think a free ‘one site fits all’ website package will deliver high level return or meet the specific needs of your business (or your target market).

    4. Fanatical support…

    All of our clients benefit from a first class managed hosting service, running the very latest LAMP (Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP) technologies. We have several dedicated servers. This professional hosting solution runs on the extremely robust Red Hat Linux server platform. Our clients get the peace of mind that their hosting environment is being looked after by the experts. This rest assurance comes via a fanatical support service with 99.9% network uptime guaranteed, 24/7/365 support and more.

    TIP – Be careful when selecting a company to deliver your solution that their technical ‘team’ is actually a team (and not a single person). We receive lots of enquiries from companies who’s only web developer has now vanished leaving them unable to access their site. Many web ‘companies’ actually consist of 1 designer and 1 developer. Over the years we have encountered many scenarios where the only technical contact at a company has left leaving all clients stranded; reasons include bankruptcy, career move, emigrating abroad, death and even one case of a developer taking a backpacking trip around the world (leaving all clients stranded for 3 months!). Make sure you check they have an in-house support team and ensure the solution is not being outsourced (which can have disastrous results).

    5. We speak your language…

    From your initial consultation with one of our business development team right through to working on a regular basis with your account manager you can be sure that you will deal with people who speak your language. Many internet companies pay lip service to actually listening to customers. We firmly believe that the only way to create exceptional websites is through a total team effort with clear communication at every step of a project.

    The team at yooneeq consists of graphic designers, web developers, programmers, search engine optimisation engineers, marketing professionals and project managers that work with a synergy only enjoyed by those who have a vivid passion for what they do – each member of the team are on hand to support and advise you throughout the project. Our clients appreciate our up-front, honest and direct approach to a project. We will not baffle you with technological jargon or woo you with false promises.

    TIP – Be wary of a good sales pitch with nothing to back it up. There are lots of ‘middle men’ in this industry and agencies who can outsource the entire project! Don’t fall for a slick powerpoint presentation; make sure you meet members of the team and if possible go visit your developers office to see exactly who you are commissioning to do the project.

    6. We love being first…

    As one of the fastest growing and most successful web development company’s in the UK we pride ourselves on consistently developing cutting edge technology and bringing innovation to the marketplace. Operating our business this way enables us (and our clients) to stay one step ahead of the competition. This is essential in such a competitive arena as the web.

    TIP – Ensure you stay one step ahead of your competition by having a site that is as adaptable as your market. By utilising a bespoke solution you can set yourself apart from your competitors and change your site when you need to (rather than having to wait for it to be included in the next upgrade of your software package – which may never happen). This is particularly the case when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. A search engines algorithms change on a regular basis; your site must have the ability to change to meet the latest SEO requirements to ensure you achieve high results on a search engine. There is a common phrase ‘if you stand still online, you will go backwards’ and this is often the case when companies are unable to grow, enhance and adapt to change due to the limitations of an off the shelf solution.

    Like most companies we could talk all day about how great we are; but don’t just take our word for it, talk to us today and see for yourself!


  • Our Promise
  • Quality…

    • We will strive to provide you with the highest possible product quality.
    • We will apply rigorous design procedures on your web project.
    • We will apply internationally recognised design standards when building your web site.
    • We will fully test your web site before it goes live.


    • We will use tried and tested technology on your web site project.
    • We will guarantee that your web site functions as designed.
    • We will keep you regularly informed of progress on your web site project.
    • We will deliver your web site project within the agreed timescales.


    • We will conduct all business with you in an open and honest manner.
    • We will not discriminate against you in any way.
    • We will listen very carefully to you.
    • We will fully and clearly answer any questions about your web site project.
    • We will strive to ensure you become one of our many satisfied customers.


  • Frequently Answered Questions
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    Get started today….

    We always recommend our clients have custom websites designed to meet their needs and to reflect their identity.
    There are several key factors that must be taken into consideration before advising you on the type and design of site, which will suit your specific needs.

    Our clients vary from small start ups through to household names. In the past 12 months we have worked with Local Authorities, Government, International Businesses, Football Clubs, Actors, and small/medium sized businesses.

    We would love to work with you; why not contact us today and see how we can turn your idea into a reality!


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