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Fax 2 Email

Fax 2 Email

Product Name: Fax 2 Email

Category: Virtual Telecoms

Minimum Period: N/A

Set Up Cost: FREE

Price: £15.00 One Time Charge

Yooneeq Products and Services
Yooneeq Products and Services

You no longer will need to spend money on fax toner cartridges, or worry about an empty tray, and allows you to store and manage your faxes better.

With our fax2email number, you receive your fax messages directly to your personal email inbox as a PDF document, or Tiff Image.

This flexibility allows you to receive faxes on the move, anywhere in the world, providing you can download your email messages. Faxes sent are instant, and direct, to ensure those confidential documents remain confidential.

  • Confidential faxes remain confidential – Faxes are delivered directly to your personal email address, so the only person who reads them is you.
  • Easy distribution and storage of faxes – Print, forward, save or file your fax messages on your PC.
  • Reliable, no more busy signals, paper jams or empty trays and no more money spent on fax toners!
  • Reduces your business expenses, will use less paper and ink and no additional phone line required.
  • Life time number – Your number will remain yours for life. If your email address changes, we can re-port your fax2email number.
  • Increased productivity, pick up, read and distribute messages anywhere in the world

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    • 0845 or 0844
    • PDF/TIFF Fax Format
    • No Set Up Costs
    • 24/7 Customer Support

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