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Virtual Number

Virtual Number

Product Name: Virtual Number

Category: Virtual Telecoms

Minimum Period: 30 Days

Set Up Cost: FREE

Price: £6.00 Per Month

Yooneeq Products and Services
Yooneeq Products and Services

Our Virtual London Number allows you to be anywhere in the UK, or the world, and be able to receive calls to your own personal 020 London Number.

Virtual London numbers give you a Central London presence. When your customers phones you on your 020 number, the call is automatically redirected to the number of your choice through your control panel.

To be able to receive calls to your mobile you must have prepaid credit in your account (Like a pay-as-you go mobile). You can see how much credit you have in your account at anytime and credit in your account will not expire.

  • Reporting on all your incoming calls
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Manage your number through the control panel from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Low credit notifications sent by email to warn you when your credit is running low.

You do not need extra lines or equipment. This service works as a redirection.
Calls received on you 020 number will be diverted to your land line or mobile number, as you specified in your control panel.
You will not need to get extra lines or expensive equipment.

  • Choose Your Plan


  • Virtual Number


    /Per Month

    • No Set Up Costs
    • 0207/0203 Numbers Available
    • Control Panel
    • Real Time Call Stats
    • 30 Days Minimum Term
    • 10p per min. to divert to Mobile
    • 1.2p per min. to divert to Landline
    • Per Second Billing to divert to Mobile
    • PAYG Call Credit
    • 24/7 Customer Care

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Interested in reselling our products and services? We always welcome partner opportunities to provide our products and services as part of their own products and services adding further value to their customers. We provide you with the necessary tools, products and support providing you with an unbranded service to allow you to build, and develop your "own" telecoms business. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, and offering our products and services to your customers. For more information to apply to be a reseller click here.